Fundraising and Collecting Donations Has Never Been So Easy

If you’re involved with a non-profit or religious organization, receiving donations may be important to how you function. Net Sales Worth is here to help take the pain out of the often difficult process of raising money.

We Have an Option for You

Whether you are raising money for your church’s new facility, or working at a non-profit that relies on donations for funding, we have a solution that will make receiving money simple.

Find a solution with the ability to receive donations online, create events for fundraising opportunities, share your cause through social media platforms, set up on-site donation kiosks, make donations from any device, and manage everything from an iPhone app.

Perks of Online Donations

  • Receive donations from anyone, anywhere, 24/7.
  • Donors can set up recurring payments through online accounts, perfect for membership scenarios.
  • Send out custom receipts so that you are able to thank your supporters in any way you’d like.

Preparing an Event?

We’ve got you covered with online event registration options. You can sell tickets, sponsorship, and more. Whether it’s a private event that you’d like to send out to a specific group, or a public event that you’d like to share on social media, spreading the word is as easy as a link to your event registration.

Set Goals

And Track Your Fundraising Progress

Build Momentum Through Social Media

  • Create event pages for fundraisers.
  • Supporters can create profiles and earn badges for donations.
  • Share photos and stories.
  • Set up a store to raise funds and give donors a token of gratitude.
  • Share your event with Facebook and Twitter through social plugins.

Hassle-Free On-Site Donations

Net Sales Worth will help you accept donations in on-site situations with kiosks that are personalized specifically for you. Branding is always important, even when fundraising, which is why your own logo and colors can be used on the kiosk’s interface. You will no longer have to worry about wifi or power cords, as your kiosk will have built-in internet and a battery. This means receiving donations and event registrations absolutely anywhere you choose to set up your kiosk, regardless of surroundings.

Start Your Donation and Fundraising Success

Whatever your organization’s preferred method may be for receiving donations and running fundraisers, Net Sales Worth can help to make your efforts more effective. Make donating to your organization as simple as possible by allowing donation through any device and location. We strive to help you reach your goals.

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